Our process

Vulnerability and incident management processes

The mission of Haier PSIRT is to identify issues and vulnerabilities in order to always improve the quality of Haier products and guarantee the best service and security. Haier PSIRT Process is in continuous development with the aim to expand the quality and scope of its services.

The Haier PSIRT Process is composed by four Service Areas based on the core services and functions:


Support the discovery of potential vulnerabilities that may affect product / third-party components


Perform initial triage, assigns severity and validates the conditions which lead to the vulnerable state.


Oversee processes to handle incidents, coordinates the implementation of remediation plans, establishes metrics to measure the responsiveness of the process. Corresponding fixes will be developed and prepared for distribution.


Notify stakeholders with remedies along with the Public Relations Team by posting public communication on the proper channels.

These Service Areas describe the services and functions a PSIRT performs to analyze potential vulnerabilities, perform initial triage, provide remedies and/or manage the risk, disclose vulnerabilities and fixes with the relevant stakeholders.